How To Get Your Car Out When Bogged In Mud or Sand

April 20 2021

Having a vehicle stuck in mud or sand can be super frustrating and inconvenient for anyone. The good news is that there are several methods to get vehicles unstuck as safely and efficiently as possible.

In case calling for professional help is not possible, here are some ways you can get your car unstuck from mud or sand.

The Two-Vehicle Snatch Method

The first technique to try is called the two-vehicle snatch method. Although this method is effective when performed right, there are some safety precautions you need to know before trying it.

First, the recovery vehicle has to have 4×4 capability and a locking differential. It should also attempt only this type of recovery if it has the right equipment available.

To carry this out, attach the snap strap to the stuck vehicle. Lay the snatch strap to the ground and the back of the rescue vehicle until you can attach it to its end. For the driver of the stuck vehicle, once they feel their unit being pulled, they should begin accelerating in a straight line.

The Rocking Method

In this approach, the stuck vehicle needs to be able to move a little forward and backward to try and get it unstuck. Basically, the driver accelerates forward and then put the vehicle in reverse to try and rollback.

Doing this back and forth until the vehicle gets unstuck is the key. Try to use the lowest gear possible for those with automatic transmissions. Momentum is important as it can give enough power to free the vehicle.

Try Dig It Out

This option is quite self-explanatory but can be quite effective. Essentially, you just get a shovel and then try to clear as much sand or mud from around the tyres as much as possible.

For those who don’t have a shovel, scooping out with other materials can help. Theoretically speaking, this should provide you with sufficient room so your vehicle can drive its way out.

Use Random Objects

Traction is essential to getting a vehicle unstuck. Most of the time, placing random objects on the tyres can help. You can wedge a car mat under the wheels to give it traction and momentum.

Of course, this is going to vary based on your situation. Other useful items can include gravel, sticks, rocks, sand, and leaves.

Increase Weight

This method of getting a car unstuck requires weight distribution within the vehicle. It is performed by adding extra weight to the drive wheels.

If you can push this weight past the wheels, it is possible to cantilever the weight by increasing the force downward.


Of course, to tow stuck vehicles properly, one has to have the proper equipment in place to get it done. Using a tow bar, for instance, is a lot easier than having to scrounge random items nearby.

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