What Is a Weight Distribution Hitch and How Does It Work

May 12 2021
weight distribution hitch in Perth

Have you ever experienced driving on the highway with a trailer behind you and felt the sudden shake when a truck passes by?

This situation can be quite scary as the wind rushes past and the trailer at your back begins to shake. You may be gripping your steering wheel all white-knuckled and tight and wondering if things have to be this way. The good news is that it doesn’t have to.

Using a tool called a weight-distribution hitch, you are able to have smoother handling even when your trailer is close to full capacity. It is a direct and effective choice that not many drivers know of.

What Is a Weight Distribution Hitch?

A weight distribution hitch is a type of system that is made to create a stable and level ride experience when towing a trailer. Essentially, it ensures that the towing setup is level and the weight of the trailer is not causing stress to the vehicle.

These weight distribution systems utilise spring bars that help fight the diminished traction, stopping, and steering power when a trailer is carrying a heavy load. The spring bars provide leverage to either side of the setup, transferring the load from the rear to all axles of the tow vehicle as well as the trailer.

It eventually balances the weight distribution, providing a smooth and level ride experience despite being at maximum towing capacity.

When Is a Weight Distribution Hitch Needed?

The tow vehicle manual should give insight into the tow weight specifications and details concerning weight distribution. It is always best to comply with the instructions from the manufacturer. Choosing to ignore this can lead to problems.

Even if you may be at the towing limits designed for your vehicle, there are still some indicators that can signify that a weight-distribution hitch can help, including:

  • The rear of the tow vehicle is sagging when the trailer is attached
  • The trailer weight is higher than 50% of the vehicle weight
  • You are experiencing trailer sway
  • The tow headlights of the tow vehicle is pointing upward
  • There is difficulty in stopping or steering the rig
  • You wish to tow the highest capacity allowed for the trailer hitch

Does a Weight Distribution Hitch Increase Towing Capacity?

If the hitch is intended to be used with weight distribution, the system is going to allow you to tow at the highest capacity of the hitch. A weight distribution hitch does not increase the towing capacity.

It is best to check the ratings of the hitch to determine the allowed towing capacity with or without it. Keep in mind that there are designated types of vehicles that may be used with a weight distribution system.


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