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At West Coast Towbars, your towing needs are our business. Whether you are planning that escape on the weekend, want to get your jet ski to the water or haul the tools Monday to Friday, we have your towing needs sorted.

Our towing solutions can match whatever demands you ask of them. We can help to tow caravans, boats, jet skis, camper trailers, horse floats or anything else you need. Just ask in store and we’ll get you the right tow bar installed for the right price.

You see, tow bars are a necessary tool for transporting many things. You can use it on a caravan to transport boats or jet skis if you’re looking to enjoy the water this summer. Families can bring their camper trailer with them wherever they wish to go on a road trip. Removable tow bars can even be used when you or someone else’s vehicle gets stuck.

If you’re looking for tow bar installation in Perth right now, we at West Coast Towbars can provide you with the solutions to match your needs. Give us a call or visit our store and we’ll assist you every step of the way.


Our Tow Bar Range

Our Perth tow bar range comes in class 2 and class 4.

Our class 2 tow bars are usually installed on standard sedans, small 4WDs and SUVs. They have a towing capacity of up to 1,600kg and are also the most commonly employed for domestic purposes. What makes our class 2 tow bars great is that they’re a safe and nifty addition to any family vehicle while also being quite discrete once applied.

We also have our class 4 tow bars which are attached to the bigger models such as light trucks, full-sized 4WDs and heavy utes. They can tow as much as 4,500kg of weight and are installed with a 50mm by 50mm hitch square tube. Normally suited to match our range of heavy duty trailers, these class 4 tow bars are ideal to be used with a horse float, boat or a caravan.

At West Coast Towbars we also take custom orders in case our standard tow bars don’t suit your needs. We can order and install whatever towing system you’re looking for right now.

Please remember, just because our tow bars can handle the load, your vehicle may not. Always check your vehicle’s towing capacity in your owners-manual.

Quality materials and coatings

The goal of our company is to give our customers the best and most durable tow bars in Perth, ones that they can be proud of. The products that we offer are all coated with rust-retardant paint. The tongue, bolts and tow balls also protected using zinc plating. This is all to ensure that the towing system lasts the life of your vehicle.

Our guarantees

All our tow bars are designed, manufactured, and tested to comply with ADR 62/00, and come with a lifetime warranty on both workmanship and product.

Mobile Tow Bar Installation

If you find yourself in need of an expert to come in and assist you with your tow bar requirements, we’ve got the solution for you as well. We can send mobile technicians to your location who can deliver, install or perform repairs to your new or existing removable tow bars.

Our team has more than sixty years of combined skill and experience in dealing with accessory upgrades. Our customers have the peace of mind knowing that there is no risk in voiding their car’s warranty.

Give us a call now and book our mobile technicians to provide you with the tow bar installation services wherever you may be.

Want to know more? Learn about our fully qualified mobile services.

Contact us today, and we will have your vehicle ready to tow before you know it.

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