Tow Bars

Tow Bars

At West Coast Towbars, your towing needs are our business. Whether you are planning that escape on the weekend, want to get your jet ski to the water or haul the tools Monday to Friday, we have your towing needs sorted.

Our towing solutions can match whatever demands you ask of them. We can help to tow caravans, boats, jet skis, camper trailers, horse floats or anything else you need. Just ask instore and we’ll get you the right tow bar installed for the right price.

What Products We Offer

Our tow bars come in class 2 or class 4.

Class 2 tow bars are fitted most often on mid to full size cars, SUV’s and small 4WD’s. They are rated up to 1600kg towing capacity and are the more common tow bar class needed for domestic uses. Designed to use your original bumper, our class 2 towbars are discrete, secure and a handy addition to any family car.

Class 4 tow bars can be attached to your full sized 4WD, light trucks or heavy utes. Rated up to 4500kg, all class 4 towbars we install come with a 50mm by 50mm hitch square tube and are the highest load tow bar we carry. Normally suited to match our range of heavy duty trailers, class 4 towbars are perfect for your full sized caravan, horse float or prized boat.

If one of our standard products doesn’t suit your needs, no problems. We will order in and install any specialist towing system your vehicle requires.

Please remember, just because our tow bars can handle the load, your vehicle may not. Always check your vehicle’s towing capacity in your owners-manual.

Quality materials and coatings

Our aim is to deliver a product we can be proud to put our name behind. All our tow bars are painted with rust-retardant paint. Tow balls, tongue, and bolts are likewise protected with zinc plating to ensure the towing system lasts the life of your vehicle.

Our guarantees

All our tow bars are designed, manufactured, and tested to comply with ADR 62/00, and come with a lifetime warranty on both workmanship and product.

Let us come to you

Busy week? Can’t make it down before the weekend getaway? Not a problem. We offer a convenient, professional mobile tow bar fitting service to any address in the metro area.

Want to know more? Learn about our fully qualified mobile services.

Call us today, and we will have your vehicle ready to tow before you know it.

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