Trail Review – Wilbinga

May 05 2021
best trails to visit is Wilbinga

If you are deciding to go north of Perth, one of the best trails to visit is Wilbinga. It is often used for 4WDing, motorbike riding, and fishing but there are many more things to do there. It has become one of the most popular places in Australia in the past year.

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There are plenty of 4WD tracks for you to explore at Wilbinga. Some of them are quite easy while others are straight-up challenging. The beach is like other Western Australia beaches, but you can get some decent fish there at the same time.

Where Is Wilbinga?

You can find Wilbinga around 60 kilometres to the north of Perth. You can get there by heading straight up Wanneroo Road. Once you hit the 35km mark, you can go past a small hill and find a big pine tree forest to the left. You can also see a limestone track which runs due west.

This part is called Wilbinga Road, and you can get past it even on a normal 2WD vehicle. Some kilometres down this track and you will see a parking area. Some people leave their 2WD cars here and then proceed through with motorbikes for the rest of the track. Alternatively, you can go to the rest stop car park which is just further north.

4WD Tracks at Wilbinga

There are plenty of 4WD tracks for you to explore at Wilbinga. Some are quite easy while others are only good for the more experienced drivers.

People enjoy driving up the big hills, which many have found to be great to try their suspensions on. Experts recommend at least 15 PSI to be a good tyre pressure when going to Wilbinga since its beach can be quite soft.

It is possible to drive both south and north of Wilbinga, depending on what you wish to do there. For those bringing a 4×4, keep an eye out for motorbikes, since they can often go around the corner suddenly.

Remember that you are not allowed to drive into Wanneroo or you will be fined by the rangers. You can go anywhere except to the south of Flat Rocks, which is not hard to miss. Access from Two Rocks is closed, and anyone who goes there will be fined.

Driving from Wilbinga to Moore River

For those looking to go on an adventure, you can head to the beach of Wilbinga and go north until you arrive at Moore River. It can be quite tricky and some people may be lost if they are new here.

The easier path appears to start at Seabird and then begin working your way up.

The further north you go, the more properties you will find. These are fenced areas and have no trespassing signs. You want to be careful of the cattle here as they come around quite frequently while driving along.


Wilbinga is definitely one of the best trails you need to visit next time you arrive in Perth. To ensure that you are prepared for the journey, you need to always have the right equipment at the ready.

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