Essential Information You Need to Know About Car Roof Racks

July 13 2018
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Car roof racks are sets of bars that are fastened at the roof of a vehicle. These bars are used to carry items that are too bulky to store inside such as bicycles, luggage, skis, kayaks and various other containers. Easy-to-use and install roof racks Perth will allow people to store various types of items here when travelling or moving out. You can have roof racks that are open or enclosed depending on your needs.


How Safe are Car Roof Racks?


A roof rack system is generally as safe as how the owner uses it. Adding loads on top of your vehicle comes with its own safety risks and can be heightened when used inappropriately. To avoid being that person who ends up chasing down their belongings on the Interstate, then you need to learn how you can use roof racks safely.

  • Whichever type of roof rack you plan to get, make sure you check the manual of your vehicle to be aware of its weight limits.
  • To avoid major impacts to braking and steering, make sure that the load you pack on top of the vehicle is stable and has weight that is evenly distributed.
  • Make use of cargo anchors to stop items from moving in case of a sudden stop.
  • Be sure that the cargo carrier doesn’t hinder your rear and side visibility.


How Does a Roof Rack Affect a Car’s Performance?


We all know that aerodynamics affect the efficiency and effectiveness of our vehicles at highway speeds. In simpler words, the more slippery a vehicle is when moving through the air, the less its engine will have to work to keep it moving. So what kind of impact can a roof rack have on a vehicle and what can we do about it?

  • Anything installed outside of a vehicle will spoil its aerodynamic profile, so a roof rack will surely affect it negatively. To overcome this, make sure you drive at average speeds to minimise this negative effect.
  • When going on long drives, it is preferable to have your windows closed for better efficiency.
  • Consider using a streamlined box instead which will help cut through the air more efficiently if fuel consumption is a concern for you.
  • If you aren’t using a roof rack system anytime soon, make sure to take it off to get good fuel mileage for your vehicle.


How Do I Get Rid of Noise When Traveling With Roof Racks?


To reduce noise when you are travelling with roof racks Perth installed:

  • Take off the straps whenever possible to avoid straps that are too loud. You can store them in the trunk or under seat compartment until they are needed again.
  • Tighten the straps so that there is less free space for items to collide and wiggle around with other things.
  • Ensure that the ends of the straps are fastened A common source of noise is the additional strap length that becomes loose after an object is secured.


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