Bull Bars

Bull Bars

At West Coast Towbars, our business isn’t just the towing capacity of your vehicle. We are also one of Perth’s most respected fitters of high durability front end vehicle protection.

Whether you are looking for extra family safety around town, protecting your vehicle and its occupants from animal collisions, or even if you just love the tough looks, we have your bull bar or roo bar solutions.

What Products We Offer

Most people consider front end vehicle protection to be the exclusive domain of big 4WD’s or work trucks. This isn’t always the case.

Having been installing bull bars for over thirty years, we are fully equipped and experienced at installing frontal protection to small cars, SUV’s, 4WD’s and trucks.

Our bar of choice is the Ironman 4×4 bull and roo bars. The Ironman 4×4 range features excellent build quality, using the highest-grade steel and finishes to make sure your vehicle is protected and looks great.

Come down and chat with us. If we don’t carry the bull bar to suit your needs, we will happily order and fit parts of any of your preferred brands. This includes favourites like ARB, TJM and ECB.

Why is it important to fit a high-quality bull bar to my vehicle?

Whether around town, crossing the outback, or bush bashing to the campsite, you invested in your vehicle, and you want it to get you safely to your destination.

The reality is, impacts happen. Australia is home to great outdoor exploring, and part of that is long distances and plenty of wildlife. A frontal animal impact can damage important components all too easily, either lowering safety or disabling the vehicle entirely. Fitting a quality bull bar gives the peace of mind that you and your passengers will arrive safely where you are headed.

Do you only do city driving but want to maximise the safety of the cabin? Protect your family with a sleek stylish nudge bar or roo bar to get that extra layer of security on the roads.

Our guarantees

All work completed by West Coast Towbars is guaranteed for the lifetime of the vehicle. This includes both the workmanship and parts we endorse.

Let Us Come To You

Can’t make it to us in time for the weekend? Not a worry. Our excellent service team can come to any location in the metro area.

Call us today, and let us install your best investment to protect your passengers and your vehicle.


We love to listen and we are eagerly waiting to talk to you regarding your project. Get in touch with us if you have any queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.