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Are you looking to upgrade your 4WD? Maybe you are planning to escape to the countryside and want to ensure your vehicle is as safe as possible for your passengers? What if something has gone wrong on the worksite and you need mobile help? Not to worry, West Coast Towbars offer a fully mobile towbar and bullbar delivery and installation service to anywhere in the Perth metro area. What’s best is that all work is guaranteed.

Towbar & Bullbar Services Offered

Our first priority is to get you on the road and towing as fast as possible with a safe and reliable towbar or bullbar. That’s why our mobile technicians have the tools and expertise to deliver, fit or repair any job you need to be done, as quickly as possible.

Mobile Towbar Fitting & Installation

We offer a convenient mobile towbar delivery and mobile towbar installation. Your lights, towball and towbar can also all be fitted by our expert mobile technicians if required. We will also ensure you and your passenger’s safety by recommending the maximum weight you should be towing.

The type of tow bars we install are Class 2 and Class 4 towbars. To tell which Class of towbar you need to be delivered and installed, it will have to be considered how much weight you are needing to carry, and what type of vehicle you have. Low-weight loads typically require a Class 2 towbar and heavy-weight loads usually require a Class 4 towbar. While this is normally the case, no job is ever the same, so to find out exactly what Class of towbar you need, contact West Coast Towbars today!

Mobile Bullbar Fitting & Installation

High durability, front end protection for your vehicle is also one of our specialties. That’s why we offer Mobile bullbar and roobar delivery, as well as installation. A great way to improve the durability of your car and to improve your passenger’s safety is to install a bullbar.

A little known fact is that bullbars are not only reserved for 4WD’s. We can also install on small cars, SUV’s, and trucks, as well as offering a range of different styles.

If this sounds like something you would want to consider for your vehicle, and for your passengers, contact West Coast Towbars today or come and browse at our store!

Why West Coast Towbars?

Our team can boast over sixty years combined experience when it comes to 4WD accessory upgrades and repairs. All our technicians are fully qualified, registered and experienced fitters and installers. All mobile fitters are professional, efficient and have full police clearances. Further, West Coast Towbars are a licensed accessory fitter. You can rest easy knowing you can set up your car as you like without risk of voiding your new car warranty. As with everything we do, we guarantee all work we completed for the lifetime of your vehicle. Contact us today and book one of our mobile technicians to visit you at your home or office. Wherever is most convenient for you.

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