Need to move large items? Maybe your work requires a large selection of tools? Whatever your need, West Coast Towbars is ready to help in finding the best possible towing solution for you.

Alongside our excellent range of tow bar fittings, we carry a wide selection of trailers for sale and trailer parts. Whatever you need to tow, we have the trailer configuration that can handle the load.

Range of Products

When it comes to trailers, need drives choice. Need something heavy duty and scratch resistant? How about an 8×5 tandem trailer with a galvanised finish and breaking system? Perhaps your tow car is a little more modest. Not to worry, we can offer lightweight options for loads up to 500kg, perfect for garden waste or furniture.

All our trailers are built in Western Australia out of high grade steel and finished by the craftsmen at John Papas Trailers.

The range fit into three general categories; light, medium, heavy duty and special use trailers.

Light Duty
With an overall load rating of 500kg, these trailers measure 6×4 feet and are designed for low intensity domestic work. Made to be pulled by almost any vehicle, these trailers are for high volume, low/mid weight loads.

Medium Duty
Ranging in sizes of 6×4 up to 8×5, these trailers are made stronger to carry heavier loads. Ideal for medium sized passenger vehicles or 4WD’s, these trailers are load rated for up to 750kg.

Heavy Duty
Varying the most, and often for a daily use trades equipment, our heavy-duty trailers can carry anything you need. Sizes range from 6×4 to 8×5 feet, and can come in tandem trailer configuration, meaning 4 tyres and linked braking systems. Heavy duty trailers are rated for between 750kg and 2000kg. Remember to check your vehicle’s maximum towing capacity. Many of our trailers can hold more than some vehicles can pull.

Special Use
Nominally for boat, jet ski or specialty transport, wheel configuration and load ratings should be reflective of the size of item needed to be towed. Load ratings for boat trailers are up to 4500kg.

Materials and Build Quality

We stand behind every trailer we sell just as we stand behind any work we do for your vehicle. Our trailers are all steel constructed by John Papas.

The steel used is a lighter gauge steel to save on weight without sacrificing strength or safety. All trailers can be painted with heavy duty vehicle paint or with a galvanised finish.

Additional Services

We also repair trailers, carry spare parts, and have a range of upgrades and 4WD accessories to suit your needs.

Need a one stop trailer and towing solution? Call us at West Coast Trailers and let us find the set up just right for you.


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