Need to move large items? Maybe your work requires a large selection of tools? Whatever your need, West Coast Towbars is ready to help in finding the best possible towing solution for you.

Alongside our excellent range of tow bar fittings, we carry a wide selection of trailers for sale and trailer parts. Whatever you need to tow, we have the trailer configuration that can handle the load.

There are many things to consider when buying a trailer that matches your needs. The good news is that we at West Coast Towbars can guide you through the process to help you get going. Get in touch with us or visit our store to learn more!

Our Trailer Range

When it comes to trailers, need drives choice. Need something heavy duty and scratch resistant? How about an 8×5 tandem trailer with a galvanised finish and breaking system? Perhaps your tow car is a little more modest. Not to worry, we can offer lightweight options for loads up to 500kg, perfect for garden waste or furniture.

All our trailers are built in Western Australia out of high grade steel and finished by the craftsmen at John Papas Trailers.

The range fit into three general categories; light, medium, heavy duty and special use trailers.

Light Duty Trailers

The lightest model of trailers that we have are capable of loading as much as 500 kilograms on its platform. They have a measurement of 6×4 feet and are made to haul low-intensity cargo, these trailers are for high volume, low/mid weight loads. Besides being more affordable, light duty trailers can be towed by nearly any vehicle as well.

Medium Duty Trailers

Moving up in our lineup are the medium-duty trailers which start at a size of 6×4 and can go up to 8×5. They are intended to carry loads that are much heavier than the light-duty models and are meant for 4WDs or medium-size vehicles. You can tow as much as 750 kilograms of total weight with a medium duty trailer.

Heavy Duty

These trailers are the ones that come in the most varieties and they are able to carry just about anything you need to bring with you. They can range from 6×4 to 8×5 feet and come in various configurations. They can pull anywhere from 750 kilograms all the way up to 2,000. Remember to check your vehicle’s maximum towing capacity. Many of our trailers can hold more than some vehicles can pull.

Special Use Trailers

These are the trailers you would use if you wanted to move your boat, jet skis or other special items. They come in different load ratings and wheel configurations so it’s best that you check each one out to find the right fit or consult with our experts to help you find the perfect fit.

Only the Best Quality Trailers

The trailers that we provide are all made in Western Australia and only use high-quality materials. As mentioned above, our range is available in varying categories to meet your needs.

What separates our products from other is that despite their lightweight design, our trailers do not sacrifice safety or strength in any way.

Our trailers are all steel constructed by John Papas. The steel used is a lighter gauge steel which allows it to save on weight without sacrificing strength or safety. All trailers can be painted with heavy duty vehicle paint or with a galvanized finish for that extra layer of protection.

Additional Services

At West Coast Towbars, we also provide our customers with a range of extra services they need when it comes to trailers.

Trailer Repair

Do you have a malfunctioning trailer? Are you looking to have it fixed? We’ve got experts who can help!

Spare Trailer Parts

In case you need spare parts, we’d be happy to supply you with whatever you’re looking for to give you the best trailer experience.

Trailer Hire

Not sure if you should buy a trailer right now? Why don’t you rent them for a day, week or month and see for yourself firsthand what they can do for you.


Bring your trailer to the next level with our choice of upgrade solutions today.

4WD Accessories

Check out the additional equipment we offer to get the most out of your 4WD-trailer combo!

Need a one stop trailer and towing solution? Call us at West Coast Trailers and let us find the set up just right for you.


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