Top 5 Tips To Pack Your Car Roof Rack

April 02 2020

For us lucky Perth residents road trips and camping holidays are a regular occurance thanks to our great weather. But when you take into account all the gear, eskys, children (and pets), packing the car can become a nightmare! This is where a car roof rack can be a lifesaver. By stashing extra gear on top of your vehicle you free up an incredible amount of space within your car, and storing everything in one vehicle means you don’t need to get an expensive trailer. Read on for the top 5 tips on using a Perth car roof rack.

Tip #1: Check the load rating of your vehicle and car roof rack

In order to safely store luggage on your roof rack it’s important to first check how much weight your vehicle can handle, and that means knowing what your load rating is. Roof racks will have a different weight rating to your car, so be sure to check both and not go over the lower rating. To correctly pack your roof rack in Perth before leaving home, keep a weight list of each item you plan to put on the roof. Exceeding the load rating can increase the centre of gravity of your vehicle, making it unbalanced.

Tip #2: Pack the heaviest items in the car boot first

In order to avoid overloading your roof rack, the most practical way to pack your car is to put all the heaviest items in the boot. Start packing by fitting all the really weighty items into the boot, as your car will have a higher weight limit than the roof. All the larger, lighter items should be put aside to be packed onto the car roof rack.

Tip #3: Distribute the weight evenly

Adding a roof rack to your vehicle raises the centre of gravity, and while this in itself will not add any immediate danger, packing items badly on roof racks can. It’s important to distribute the weight of all items on the car roof rack, keeping the vehicle balanced and evenly weighted. Start by placing the heaviest items in the middle, then add items in a manner that equally distributes the weight to the left and right sides of your car.

Tip #4: Avoid packing essential items on the roof rack

There is nothing worse than realising the item you need is packed neatly away, right in the middle of a full car roof rack. They can be a pain to pack, and an even bigger pain to unpack! Place all valuables and frequently required items inside the vehicle before you leave Perth, like under the seats, for easy access during a trip.

Tip #5: Water and Dust Proof your items

With the wide range of additional accessories available today for your roof rack, there is no need to worry about exposing your belongings to the elements. A waterproof box or bag is a foolproof way to keep everything safe from the sometimes extreme Perth wind and rain. A quick fix method is to wrap your items in plastic bags, which would also keep them free from road dust and water damage.

Why choose West Coast Towbars

As Perth residents ourselves, we at West Coast Towbars know the importance of good quality accessories for your vehicle. With our highly experienced Perth team, with over 60 years of expertise behind us, we are the reliable choice when it comes to bull bars, tow bars, and of course, roof racks. We look forward to sharing our knowledge on how flexible car roof racks are. For more information on car roof racks Perth contact us today.

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