How to Add Another Layer of Protection While Driving on the Road

December 16 2018

If there is a list of places that are perfect for road trips and long drives, Australia should be hands down one of them. From scenic coastlines to the Western outback and the red center located in the middle of the country, people who love an adventure will find Australia one of the best places to do so.

Before you hit the road and start exploring the breathtaking scenes, you need to pack up safety accessories such as a bulbar for you and your vehicle first. One can never be too paranoid when it comes to their safety on the road.

Car Accessories Built for Protection

Although the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” may hold some truth, you can still buy add-ons for your vehicle and make it a lot safer to use when going on road trips. Let’s take a look at some car accessories that were made for protection.


When going on a road trip in Australia, no one wants to be sitting in a stuffy or stifling car. People love to roll their windows down and enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds during the trip.

Deflectors are a must-have item for people who enjoy keeping their windows open. A couple of reasons for this are that this heavy duty accessory helps stop the noise of incoming wind from getting in the vehicle while reducing its strength and stopping rain from pouring inside.

Bullbars and Towing Accessories

Frontal protection and convenience are two important reasons why people who love going on road trips should install steel bullbar accessories on their vehicles. A good quality bulbar will give the front of your vehicle excellent protection from stray animals who would jump right in front of you at the last minute and wayward drivers. Aside from that, bullbars also protect the vehicle from dense scrub when going off-road.

Quality bullbars Perth can absorb a lot of impacts and protect the parts of a vehicle that matter. This also translates to the added protection from those inside in case of an accidental collision. You can also attach other important off-road devices to a good bulbar such as LED lights, winches and antennas. It is possible to purchase bullbars and towing accessories at West Coast Towbars right now.

Camera System

Having a rearview camera can help people when reversing because of the naturally bad visibility we have of our vehicle’s back. Purchasing a backup camera for this purpose can be installed on the door handle, license plate or through a bracket to help prevent accidents. Likewise, a dash camera will allow you to record incidents that occur at the front of your vehicle to aid investigations in case of accidents.

All of the accessories mentioned above are important when going on road trips in the country. Bullbars are especially essential because they can double as impact absorption and as a mount for other off-road gadgets.

If you’re looking for quality Bullbars in Perth today, be sure to contact West Coast Towbars to find the best bullbar products near you.

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