Things to Focus On When Buying a Towing Vehicle

March 31 2021
buying guide for towing vehicle

For people who are in the market to purchase a new towing vehicle, there are a few things for you to think about before making the purchase. There may be numerous options available to you using the right equipment but you need to research first to get things right.

It’s important to take your time if you want to buy the right towing vehicle for your needs. Below are some tips that can help you find the right one.


If you plan on towing a trailer that weighs higher than 2500kg, you need a vehicle that has decent power and a lot of torque. Although top power is great when you wish to go fast, torque is what you need if you wish to haul a heavy load.

Peak power is made for high revs and is useful when you want to overtake on the road. But if you wish to go from a standstill or climb hills without having to rev too much, torque will do the job for you.

Most vehicles that are suited to towing with a bull bar are going to have a top torque output across the lower rev range.

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There is no doubt that the modern automatic transmissions we have today are now suited more towards towing roles compared to manual gearboxes. As the majority of manual gearboxes provide five to six forward ratios, modern automatic transmissions have six to nine rations. The more forward gears present, the easier it becomes to keep engine revs at or near the peak torque output.

Aside from that, automatic transmissions have a torque multiplying effect. This benefits acceleration during standstill, yet it has a lock-up torque converter that lowers fuel consumption.

Another benefit of choosing automatic transmissions is the shift speed. Modern automatics often shift through rations very quickly that the gear changes almost without letting you know. This lets you drive with no feeling of disconnection while there is also no loss of momentum as you upshift.

Vehicle Dimensions

Vehicles that have a wide track and long wheelbase provides a more stable platform for towing compared to one that has a shorter wheelbase and narrower track.

Long-wheelbase vehicles do not tend to pitch fore and aft as often compared to short ones. This is especially true when the weight of a trailer is placed at the tow hitch. This allows drivers to keep the trailer and vehicle traveling smoothly, especially during acceleration and braking.

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Overall Design

Standard 4×4 wagons often have a strong separate chassis with its body attached on top. This design has long been known as the best type intended for heavy towing duties. Yet there are modern 4×4 wagons that have sturdy monocoque structures that are equally suited to hauling heavy trailers.

Vehicles with live-axle at their rear is always going to keep their rear wheels perpendicular to the surface of the road regardless of their tow load. In comparison, a heavy load on a vehicle that has an independent suspension can result in negative camber and premature tyre wear.


These are some of the primary aspects you need to focus on when you decide to purchase a towing vehicle.

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