What Style of Bull bar Do I Need?

September 10 2018

For people who love adventuring off-road in Australia, a bull bar can be one of the most important vehicles protection pieces your 4WD vehicle can possess. However, finding out which one to choose from the various styles available can be difficult. To help you get started, we’ve provided you with some tips and advice below on selecting the style of bull bar that you need.


Your Bull bar Material


Before you can decide on the style of bull bar for your needs, you must first choose your preferred material to make your search easier. Most bull bars are made using steel, aluminium or plastic materials. Each of these will offer different benefits and will be suited for various purposes.



This is perhaps the most common bull bar material that 4WD drivers have been using on their vehicles, and there is a good reason too. Most users choose steel because of the strength that it offers. Steel bull bars for sale are capable of withstanding most strikes without taking much damage and are ideal for those who are often driving along rural highways.



This material became a recent contender in the bull bar market due to being one of the lightest material and thus making it very easy to replace when needed. These are ideal for those using their 4WD vehicles on urban environment as these can lessen pedestrian impact just in case it happens.



Another contender for steel bull bars, this material offers almost similar strength to steel but at a very low weight. However, its higher cost and lower tensile strength are factors to consider when choosing this material.


Bull bar Styles to Choose From


After choosing the material you want for your bull bar, it’s time to choose the style you need. Keep in mind that the style is going to depend on the brand and model you plan to use it for. Here are some common bull bar styles available today:


Single Hoop

This type of bull bar features one hoop over the vehicle’s radiator which would then be attached to the bumper. Single Hoop bull bars for sale provide a great compromise between front-end protection and weight distribution.


Bumper Bar

This is the most basic form of front-end protection but provides better protection compared to the stock fender.


Triple Hoop

Bull bars of this style provides maximum protection at the cost of having a higher weight. A triple hoop bull bar is essential for those travelling in animal strike prone locations.


Nudge Bar

These are intended for light impacts and are often just used for aesthetic purposes.


Baja Bar

Similar to bumper bars, this style of bull bar offers added reinforcement to the chassis so that high-power winches can be used on them easily.


After you have come up with the material and style that you have for your bull bar, it would make choosing the one that’s perfect for your needs and vehicle a lot easier. Although many of these bull bars may seem to be the same, it’s the small differences in style and design that will determine your final decision.


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