Are Bull Bars Worth It?

April 14 2020

Bull bars or, as like to call them here in Australia, ‘roo bars’, have many added benefits that can help protect you and your family, as well as your vehicle. Not just there to look good, these strong, rigid structures are attached to the front of your car or truck to add an extra layer of protection in a collision.

Protect from wildlife

Australia has a unique outback landscape with a wild road system teeming with wildlife, from stray cattle to jittery roos. Unfortunately, as many of our rural WA residents know, these animals tend to ignore the road rules, and hitting one can cause serious damage to a car and even injure those inside. A bull bar can seriously reduce the damage done to your car in a collision situation, and there is even a good chance you can keep driving afterwards. Remember to travel at times other than dawn and dusk to avoid hitting animals at all.

Added Benefits

Attaching a bull bar to your Perth car also allows you to introduce a range of additional accessories by acting as a strong frame. Winch mounting plates are easily fastened to your roo bar – vital should your vehicle ever need to be recovered with a winch. Extra spotlights can be attached to the front of the sturdy roo bar for added light when driving in rural areas. Bull bars are also the perfect place to attach sand flags and UHF radio antennas, for extra safety measures, to ensure you are always able to be seen and make contact wherever you are.

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Added protection for ‘off-roading’

Driving on rough roads is an essential part of travelling around WA, whether you are living, working, or just camping in a rural area. Plenty of hazards are to be found on these ‘off-roads’, from rocks, branches, and large debris, to hard to spot ruts and pits. Having a bull bar can save your vehicle should you accidently have a run in with one of these hazards; metal is much harder to pierce than plastic, so a roo-bar can prevent serious damage.

The Verdict

Bull bars can be divisive, with some people only seeing them as a trendy accessory. However, there is no denying the protection they can add to your vehicle, particularly if you have regular run ins with roos, or have to tackle rough roads with plenty of surprise hazards. They also have the added benefits of acting as a perfect mount for practical additions like lights and winces. Overall, Perth bull bars are a worthwhile purchase, but consider whether they suit your driving lifestyle.

Why choose West Coast Towbars

With over 60 years of experience working with Perth vehicles in the supply, installation, and repair of bull bars and tow bars, our reliable team here at West Coast Towbars are experts when it comes to fitting your vehicle with high durability front-end vehicle protection.

Our trustworthy team is ready to help, whether you are looking to protect your car from animal collisions, or your family from off-roading dangers, we are experts at providing high-quality Australian made bull bars. For more information on bull bars or roo bars in Perth, contact us today.

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