The 4×4 Accessories You Need for Your Next Camping Trip

June 10 2017

Western Australia has an almost endless supply of off-road adventures for 4×4 enthusiasts. To experience all our amazing state has to offer, you need to go out bush, away from civilisation.

You don’t want to go unprepared. Nobody should have to suffer through warm beer at camp, or stale sandwiches and muesli bars for every meal. Read on as we go through the non-negotiable bits and pieces, from the roo bar to the fridge, that you need to get the most out of every trip.

Roo Bar

Safety first! Country driving has some inherent risks, among them encountering wildlife on the road. Bull bars, or front protections bars (same as a roo bar) are your first line of defence against stray animals and overgrown bush. They also allow you to mount driving lights, winches, and beefier aerials.

12V Fridge

Every story needs a hero. You won’t need to wear your undies on the outside if you’re rocking a 12V fridge in your fourbie – everyone will know who saved the day when you pass around cold drinks at camp, or break out the cold milk at breakfast. Fridges are a great investment for any length trip, keeping your food fresh and your beers ice cold for the end of the day.

Portable Cooktop

While we’re on the subject of food; nothing beats a hearty cooked meal at the end of a long day. Portable cookers come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny lightweight hiking stoves to tray-back BBQs.

We find one of the most popular options is a portable gas burner, somewhere in the middle of the pack. You can find lots of two-burner systems that will boil water or cook a decent sized meal quicker than you’d expect.

Tyres and Compressors

The right all-terrain tyres are a worthy investment no matter where you’re headed. Dirt, sand, mud, gravel, or sealed roads are no trouble for high quality tyres. Do your research and find out which tyres other 4×4 owners recommend for your car.

A reliable air compressor is essential on a 4WD trip. You will likely have to let the tyres down at some point to cross soft sand, and if you forget the compressor you could be stuck there for a while!

Pro tip: Compressed air is also handy for blowing dust out of equipment in the WA desert.

Cargo Drawers

Save yourself time unpacking the whole car just to get a fresh pair of socks. Cargo drawers are a clever, modular way to store the items you need most, or odd-shapes bits and pieces, freeing up boot space for bulkier items.

Roof Racks

Like cargo drawers, roof racks free up valuable boot space by storing oversized items – or just the extras – overhead, giving you room for another passenger (or another fridge, we won’t judge). Roof racks can be used for sporting equipment like bikes and canoes, or you can install a weatherproof hard case for extra luggage.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

So you’ve packed all the bulky bits on the roof racks, your fridge is plugged in and chilling – what have you forgotten? Probably at least one of these must-haves:

  • A shovel for digging yourself out of bogs (and other things…trust us, you will need a shovel)
  • Back up battery
  • Satellite phone or GPS tracker
  • Physical map

And remember to always, always share your itinerary with a loved one so someone knows where you are, and when you are checking in.

Get in touch today and West Coast Towbars can help you get prepared with Perth’s best service and competitive pricing on towbars, roof racks, roo bars and more. Now get out there and enjoy all the adventures our state has to offer!

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