How To Avoid Hitting Kangaroos

April 15 2021
avoid hitting kangaroos in Australia

Australia is considered to be among the most dangerous places in the world. To think that there are many deadly collections of animals on the continent, no one would have thought that the kangaroo would make it on this list.

We all see kangaroos as cute and adorable, yet they can be a big problem when you’re driving in rural Australia. Kangaroos have become a common hazard and it can be difficult to avoid them when they are up ahead.

So how can you avoid hitting kangaroos in the first place? Here are four tips that can help you out.

Try and Avoid Driving at Dawn and Dusk

The best advice to avoid hitting kangaroos is to avoid driving during dawn and dusk. These are the times when kangaroos are most active and that is why you should not go driving at this time when you’re in rural areas.

You can increase your chances of preserving kangaroos if you just avoid going out at this time.

Slow Down

Another common piece of advice is to simply slow down. When you are driving in rural areas, it really helps to avoid driving too fast so you can still have enough time to break in case an animal goes in front of the vehicle.

Kangaroos will also have sufficient time to react and bound away when they notice the imminent danger of being near a vehicle.

Brake Heavily, Don’t Swerve

In case a kangaroo inevitably jumps in front of your vehicle, it is best to just brake heavily instead of trying to swerve to avoid them. The best advice is to just slow down and try braking in a straight line.

You should only try swerving once your vehicle has slowed down sufficiently. It is better to hit a kangaroo than end up in an accident because you decided to swerve, which could potentially cause harm to your passengers.

Install a Kangaroo Whistle

Kangaroo whistlers are products that are quite cheap and can help lower the chances of hitting kangaroos. These whistles are intended to emit a high-frequency noise that allow kangaroos nearby to not be startled when your vehicle approaches. This can stop them from getting panicked and jumping in front of your vehicle’s path.

These whistlers work at high speeds as well and can start emitting at 50kph. The high-frequency sound is going to warn the animals to stay away from your vehicle.

As you install these whistles, ensure that you place them forwards and that they should be checked consistently to ensure that nothing is blocking its windpipe.


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